Happy Mother's Day!

Take a look at this great Mother's Day gift from my oldest son! They made these in their preschool class. Check out that handmade card! I just love them both!

I also love the preschool that my son has attended for the past two years, Kids' Kingdom Preschool at the Wilkinson Church of Christ. Last year he attended as a 3-year old two days per week, and this year as a 4-year old three days per week. I can't believe he'll start kindergarten next year! We go to our kindergarten registration this week. Where does the time go?!? I'm trying not to get emotional over it, but I fear I will sit and bawl the whole time at his registration! I have to keep reminding myself that next year will be great, because it will be my youngest son's turn to have Mommy all to himself for a little while every day. Thanks for stopping by!

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