Made from Scratch

Two years ago, two stamping friends of mine, Sally and Angie, came over to my house to make this card in mass quantity. We made them for our church's women's ministry Valentine boxes. Every year, the women's ministry gathers all sorts of goodies to box up and send to college students and military personnel who are connected with our church. We made the valentine cards to be signed and placed in each box.

I realize these aren't your typical valentine colors. In fact, that has sort of become a trademark of mine. I don't often use the standard color schemes associated with holidays when I make cards. I usually do something a little off from the norm. Also, I didn't want anything too sappy sweet (feminine), because both men and women would be receiving the boxes.

I like this card layout or "sketch", and I've used it on other cards as well. The stamp set was the very first hostess set I received, Made from Scratch. Thanks for stopping by!

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