Quarterback Ian

A while back I posted about finding this great little stamp store on the internet. The owner has since changed the name of the store to The Greeting Farm. I just love the Anya and Ian stamps. The only problem is that I just haven't found much time to use them yet!

My grandfather was ill, so I wanted to send him a get well card. Since the Steelers had just won the Super Bowl, and he's a big Steelers fan, I decided to use this stamp and make the little Quarterback Ian a Pittsburgh Steeler. He sort of looks like a throwback Steeler with these colors. I really should have used summer sun instead of more mustard, but he's still pretty cute. Ironically, Quarterback Ian is #10, which is the same number as the Super Bowl MVP, Santonio Holmes.

This card is pretty simplistic, and really could have been embellished a little more, but I was running short on time that day and wanted to get it in the mail. Thanks for stopping by!

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