Nugget Box Advent Calendar

A few years ago I found the patterns for these nugget boxes on a stamping website. The candies inside the boxes are Hershey's nuggets. You can get them in different varieties, and hence different colored wrappers. I like the silver ones best--pure unadulterated milk chocolate!

Last year I decided to use them to make an advent/Christmas countdown calendar for our oldest son. He loved opening the little candy each day with a different Christmas picture on it. Now that our youngest son is old enough to eat them and see what his older brother has, I knew I had better make him one too. While I was at it, I made one for a little boy who comes to play at our house sometimes. His mom and dad are friends of ours. I think the boys will love counting down the days until Christmas with these little boxes!

To "decorate" the nuggets you use standard mailing labels. Embellish them however you wish and stick them to the little nuggets like wrappers. Yes, I could have impressed you with beautiful stamped images. However, preschoolers aren't impressed with such things, so these were done quick and easy with clipart! (Notice the tops of the boxes aren't elaborately decorated either.) Thanks for stopping by!

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