Happy Birthday, Dad!

My mom and dad have a beef cattle farm in PA, and the tractors there are green John Deere's. When I saw this card by Jackie Topa, I knew I would have to CASE it someday. I made it for my dad. Happy Birthday, Dad! (Jim's dad's birthday is in a couple months, but his card will have to have a red International tractor on it.)

I've never used sponging to make a landscape scene before. I was a little intimidated by the prospect of it, but it was pretty easy and quick. I was pleasantly surprised. I used Gretchen Barron's Sponged Sky/Clouds Tutorial and Template as guidance for the sky and clouds. I did it from memory, because I read her post a few weeks ago. I should have taken the time to re-read it before doing it, but they still turned out ok. The next time, my clouds should look even better!

I guess that's my lesson, don't be afraid to try something new. Thanks for stopping by!

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