One More Halloween Project

I have one more Halloween project to show you. I was scrambling last week to get everything on my "to do" list accomplished before today! Thankfully, I got this project finished in time to include it in a nice little treat bag for my oldest son's kindergarten teacher.

Last week, I went with his class on their field trip to a local farm. They had a hay ride, picked a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch, learned about farming, got to get up close and personal with some farm animals... get the picture. It was a fun day for the kids. However, their teacher, Miss Simmons, wasn't able to go with the kids. She was at home battling the flu.

As usual, I took hoards of pictures. In addition to the field trip, we had their Fall Party in the afternoon upon returning to the school. I took some pictures there too. I decided to burn a cd with all my pictures from the day for Miss Simmons. So of course I had to make her a special cd case for the cd. On the back of this, I wrote, "--All your little monsters!" I stuck it in a treat bag I made up for her with some of the Halloween treats I showed you last week from the October 8 for $10 workshop. This is Miss Simmons' first job teaching after graduating from college, and I know she hated to miss the field trip with her kids. Hopefully this cd full of pictures will help her feel like she was there!

We gave her the treat bag on Thursday, and she really loved her special presents. She said it was like Christmas! I told her making things like this is a hobby of mine right now while I'm a stay-at-home mom. She said she was glad to reap the benefits of my hobby! Seeing the joy and surprise from people who receive my little gifts is the reason I love making them. Thanks for stopping by!

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