Handmade Cards for Sale

I am starting to offer something new in conjunction with my monthly stamping workshops, and I wanted to let you all in on it. Many of you are extremely busy and have a hard time making it to my workshops. Or you live far away, or simply don't enjoy crafting, but you have mentioned in the past that you like my handmade cards and enjoy having them on hand to send to family, friends and loved ones.

Every month, I have an 8 for $10 workshop here at my house with four projects. Starting with the projects from tonight's workshop, I will make any extras available to anyone who is interested. You will receive the eight completed (by me) cards/projects for $12 with additional fees required for shipping if that's necessary. Cards will include matching envelopes. These will be offered on a first come, first served basis. Once they're sold out, additional cards will not be available.

Contact me if you are interested, and I'll put you on my email list. I will then send you an email around the time of my workshop every month showing you that month's projects available for purchase. They will typically include cards appropriate for upcoming holidays along with general multi-purpose cards. Thanks for stopping by!

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