Christmas Stamps of a Different Sort

Have you started thinking about your Christmas cards yet? If you're planning to make a bunch of handmade Christmas cards, then you probably have. If not, you better get started! My mom is on top of things this year and already has hers started. She mass produces about fifty of whatever design she chooses for the year.

I, however, have not made handmade Christmas cards for a number of years. Crazy, right? I'm a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator, and I don't make handmade Christmas cards! It's like this: We live far away from all our family and friends we grew up with in Pennsylvania. We don't live near to any of our college friends, or to those friends we made while living in the Carolinas. Most of the people we send Christmas cards only see us a few times each year, if they see us at all. Now that we have children, they want to see pictures in our Christmas card.

Just so you don't think I'm a total slacker of a demonstrator, I do make up some holiday cards every year. I make them to use as thank you cards after Christmas for all the Christmas gifts we receive from family and friends. I own too many Christmas stamp sets not to at least make a few cards with them!

So why am I rambling on about all this? We went to have our family Christmas picture taken last week. My friend, Kristie Magee, who comes to my stamping workshops, is a professional photographer. You can check her out at her Magee Photography website. Our pictures turned out terrific, and I've been thinking about our Christmas cards for the past few weeks.

To get an early start on preparing them, I looked through my spreadsheet of addresses and sent off some emails to those on our list who I knew have a new address this year. I think I've already gotten responses from all of them, so no tracking down addresses at the last minute this year!

I also got to thinking about postage stamps for all our cards. (Finally, the subject of this post as indicated in the title!) The USPS has issued their holiday stamps for 2009. I bought mine about two weeks ago. There are multi-cultural ones, of course, but my choice is always between the Madonna and Child stamp offered every year and then whatever more whimsical design the USPS decides to offer. I opted for the whimsical ones, which I usually do. The postal worker who helped me mentioned that it was good to get them early becasue sometimes they run out of the holiday stamps well before Christmas.

Now that I have you thinking about your Christmas cards, don't forget your postage stamps. You can buy them now at your local post office or on the USPS website. Hey, why not spread out the expenses of the holiday season by purchasing your postage stamps right now? You'll be sure to get them that way! If you're really on the ball, you can address your cards and have them ready to send the weekend after Thanksgiving. Avoid the busy stores and malls and have your Christmas cards taken care of before the month of December even gets here! Thanks for stopping by!

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