October 8 for $10 - Halloween Treats

*This post will stay at the top until after the workshop on Sunday. Be sure to scroll down for newer posts. Thank you!*

October's 8 for $10 workshop is this Sunday afternoon at 2pm! It will feature Halloween Treats. I chose five treats, and couldn't decide which one not to make, so this month you'll actually get 10 for $10! The inspiration for these treats came from SU! Demonstrators listed below:

Yes, I know. You're saying, "I don't see any lollipops?!?" See the orange folded piece with the spooky scene on it? See the little hole in the bottom? That's where the stick would poke down through, and the folded part covers the lollipop. I have since purchased lollipops, but didn't take a new picture. You'll have to use your imagination!

Also, I sent a picture of the candy corn purses to my sister earlier this week. She thought they were cute, but that I was being stingy with the candy! We had some individually wrapped candy corn packs here for Halloween. I put one pack in each purse, and I didn't even think about whether or not it was enough. So never fear, I will be sure to have plenty of candy corn on hand for you all to fill your purses!

Post a comment to my blog letting me know you're going to attend, and I'll have a little extra treat for you! Thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

Yeah!! Love the site! Can't wait to come on Sunday. See you at two!!! ~ Melissa

Anonymous said...

yes i love your site.And we always have fun tried to post on friday but it didnt work.Thanks for lunch the other day we had fun with the flip books,I'm going to make 1 for my mom . Polly

Anonymous said...

The girls loved their "purses". I missed being there with you, but I was having lots of fun in Texas! I left my patterns there, so may need to get another copy if I have time to make the candy wraps. Gretchen's sister-in-law thought that would be a great idea for favors for her daughter's birthday party. ~Sally