My 6-year old's valentines

My 6-year old LOVES to play his grandparents' Nintendo Wii when we visit them. I saw a valentine idea on the Wilton It's a Piece of Cake blog where they used Wii Mii images to make a valentine. I found a website where you can make Mii images, so I made one to look like him. Then I put together this valentine in Publisher, printed it, and glued it to red cardstock. We cranked out 44 of these for all his classmates, family and friends, so it was good that the printer did most of the work!

In addition, we made these Mario masks for a few close family members and friends.  I only made eight of these. I found a Mario image online to use for a template to make the masks for the lollipops and the wrappers on the sticks. The idea for these came from this Jolly Lollies idea on the Family Fun website.

Here's a close up of the labels on the sticks. It reads, "I like you more than Mario Kart!" For him to say that he likes someone more than Mario Kart is saying a lot! Thanks for stopping by!

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