Sympathy Cards

Last week, I needed a bunch of sympathy cards. I have had this stamp set for some time now, but haven't had the chance to get it out and use it. In fact, I have a bunch of sets that I was very anxious to get, and now that I have them, have had no time to play with them. I'm thankful for my monthly workshops, because they force me to actually use all this stamping stuff I keep thinking I have to have.

Anyway, I've seen oodles of cards using the tree and flower branch images from the Thoughts and Prayers Set. I started stamping with one layout in mind, but when I went to put the card together, it just didn't go. I didn't spend enough time actually checking measurements of pieces before I cut and assembled them. So, I took all the pieces I had and made my own simple layouts. You can see these cards are all made with the same pieces, just put together different ways. I really like this set and can't wait to use it some more in the future. Thanks for stopping by!

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